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How to Make a Can of Beans Your Bitch

how to make a can of beans your bitch

When my sisters and I were young and being particularly obnoxious about what my mother was making for dinner, she would always threaten us with a can of beans.

“NOOOO PLEASE NO NO NO!!!” we’d cry back, in terror.

As an adult and shameless bean lover, I now find the fact that my mom used beans as a punishment to be hilarious. I do, however, understand how a “can of beans” might seem unappetizing when you pop it out of the can like cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving. And, let’s be real, ain’t nobody got time for soaking a sack of dried beans overnight and then standing over the stove for hours as they cook.

how to make a can of beans your bitch

And so, I am here to tell you that a can of beans actually can result in a wonderful side dish! You just need to spruce it up a bit. People always compliment me on my beans so I thought I would share some of my tricks with you… See below for the recipe.

how to make a can of beans your bitch

1. Lard 

Ahh, the cornerstone ingredient of Mexican cuisine. To tell you the truth, the only reason I cook bacon is I love using the residual bacon grease when I cook. The flavor is just other-wordly. Extra credit if you actually leave the bacon bits in your beans. You can substitute with vegetable oil but like why.

how to make a can of beans your bitch

2. Cumin

Cumin is a spice that I’ve come to rely on for an earthy, warming flavor in all of the Mexican dishes I cook. A dash or two in your beans will elevate the dish like you’d never believe.

how to make a can of beans your bitch

3. Sour Cream

Once you add this creamy dimension to your refried beans, you will never look back. This ingredient will thin out the texture and also neutralize the flavor, so keep that in mind as you balance it out with your other ingredients.

P.S. I’ve basically eliminated all sour cream from my diet, replacing it with Greek yogurt in all situations. You will be mind blown at how indiscernible this healthy substitution is!

how to make a can of beans your bitch

4. Cheese

Okay, I guess that one is not so secret. Beans and cheese go together like lamb and tuna fish! I usually add a small handful of cheddar cheese, monterey jack or queso fresco, depending on my mood. I also like to sprinkle a bit directly on the beans after I serve them, gazing lovingly as it melts atop the pile of delicious brown mush.

how to make a can of beans your bitch
What are YOUR secrets to the best refried beans ever?? Do you use these ingredients? If not, will you try?

Cella's Refried Beans


  • 1 can of refried beans
  • 3 tbs lard
  • 1/4 cup sour cream (I use greek yogurt)
  • 1/4 cup cheese
  • 1 tbs cumin


  1. Melt lard in a pan over medium heat
  2. Add can of beans and stir so it loses its shape
  3. Turn heat to medium-low and add remaining ingredients
  4. Simmer for 20-30 minutes, stirring occasionally
  5. Add more cheese or cream to taste